Meet the Wood series

Here at EPIC we do care about our planet and environment All of our boards are Eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.
EPIC Wood Series represents the spirit of Epic and the nature of the balance between human and nature.


Blow is both fast and stable - all thanks to sidecuts on both sides, widening smoothly at the ends of the board. That shape directly influences the smoothness of transmission when rolling from side to side. Deck accelerates when the roller is closest to its center to slow down closer to the sides of the board. The motion can be compared to swift turns of a surfboard, longboard or skies.
This model is preferred mostly by any winter sports enthusiasts or those, who seek a balance board suitable for tricks. It is more then ideal for training all of the rail snowboard tricks such as frontside blunt or frontside noseslide.

Dark Oak

EPIC DARK OAK next to EPIC URSA is one of ours top pro models.
The board was designed in a beginner-friendly way so that everyone could take their first steps in balancing and tricks, but don't let this fool you, more advanced users wont encounter any limits while using it!
The deck does not have brakes and, thanks side-cuts on both sides of the board, rolls a bit faster then for e.g. JUICY or PHOTO.
Lack of stoppers allows you put the deck parallel to the roller which will make you feel like on a snowboard or surfboard. Because of this, this shape is often picked by surfer, snowboarders and longboarders.
EPIC DARK OAK is a perfect board for walking tricks and smooth rolling from one side to another.
This model is an ideal choice for anyone new to balance boarding and to those who feel confident with a board under their feet and would like to take this skill to another level.


JUICY is the essence of a balance boarding packed in one deck! Our history begun with a board shaped just like this one. After many trials and modification we came up with a shape you can see today.
Wings is the most versatile board in our offer, making it a perfect compromise between speed and balancing smoothness. Stoppers on both sides of the deck will give you a feeling of comfort and a security during the workout, and will help you do tricks like, for example, nose or tail ride - keeping both feet at one far side of the board.
Wings is a board best suited for beginners, fitness/yoga and muscle trainers. It also works perfectly under the feet of extreme sports enthusiasts or anyone looking for a versatile all around balance board.


EPIC BALTICA next to PC and FLOW is our biggest and most stable board.
Its big platform provides lots of footing space which is great when it comes to cross-step tricks and smooth side to side rocking.
The name – Flow – isn't accidental. Rolling on a roller from one side to the other on this board is smooth like on no other model. It gives a comparable feeling to surfing or riding a snowboard on a powder day.
Baltica will be a perfect choice for anyone looking for smooth and stable balancing as well as for those looking for a board for workout excercises.
Go with the Epic Baltica!!!