Rocker Series

Rocker series

Rocker Series was desinged for everyone who requires more challanges and wants to do tricks. Epic balance boards are in bow shape to give possibility to do shovit and much more tricks easier. Surfing and snowboarding freaks whom basics balance boards are not enough for will be over the moon.

Epic WIngs Rocker

Epic Wings Rocker

EPIC Balance Board will not only help you develop your balance, but also improve your figure and overall motor coordination. The requirement of constant balance means that more muscle groups are involved in the training, thanks to which the figure is strengthened and prioperception develops.

Epic Ursa Rocker

Epic Ursa Rocker

Epic Balance Board does not take up much space, making it easy to use and store at home. It allows you to do many exercises, regardless of your current level of difficulty. It can be used by both adults and children, and because the scope of exercises and tricks is limited only by our imagination, fun is not boring easily.