Epic Fitness

In order for any exercise to be effective you have to mind the technique. Although Balance Board serves as an all purpose training equipment by its own, it also (or maybe first of all) serves as great help with other exercises! Balance Board improves core muscles, strengthens silhouette and rises prioperception. It engages all of the upper and lower body parts making your training as comprehensive as it can be. Your body will develop evenly what has a huge impact on overall balance. This is no accident that every decent gym has at least one of these boards. Fitness and cross fit trainiers around the world came to the same conclusion - Balance Board provides invaluable assistance in your training routine.

Epic Alpha

No matter if you are surfing, skiing, snowboarding, longboarding, roller skating, rollerblading, skateboarding or training any sport, EPIC will allow you to be perfectly prepared for the biggest challenges!

Epic Gamma

It can be used as a comprehensive tool for exercising the whole body and as a supplement to training. It is also a great solution for lovers of all kinds of more or less extreme sports who do not want to be idle after the season. Balance Boards are very often chosen by fitness instructors, surfers or skateboarders.

Epic Sigma

EPIC Balance Board will not only help you develop your balance, but also improve your figure and overall motor coordination. The requirement of constant balance means that more muscle groups are involved in the training, thanks to which the figure is strengthened and prioperception develops.

Epic Omega

Epic Balance Board does not take up much space, making it easy to use and store at home. It allows you to do many exercises, regardless of your current level of experience. It can be used by adults and children, and because the scope of exercises and tricks is limited only by our imagination, fun is not boring easily.