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Epic balance boards

The best balance boards for cross training.

Whatever your sport is, Epic balance board is a perfect addition to your training routine. This cross training device will increase your balance and overall performance.

Perfect cross trainer


Surfers across the world use balance boards for balance training. Balance boards are also a fantastic indoor trainer to maintain balance and fitness levels on days when you are not on the water.


If you ski or snowboard, balance boards are perfect for your balance and core strengthening training. Many professional snowboarders and skiers use balance boards both in winter and in summer season.


Epic balance boards are perfect for rainy days or as indoor balance trainers. They help you not only develop balance. You can also practice tricks and have a lot of fun even if you stay at home.

Fitness and Gym

Epic balance boards are great for fitness training and yoga. They are used in gyms for various types of trainings starting from crossfit, through endurance trainings to yoga.


Professional cycling teams understand the need for core and endurance training. Epic balance boards offer a variety of exercises which can be incorporated into a training routine of cyclists and mountain bikers.

Health & Fun!

Epic balance boards offer a lot of healthy fun exercises. You and your kids can have great fun which also translates to health benefits. A short session with a balance board can be a great break in a day.

EPIC Nature Series

Nature series

All the shapes and graphics from the nature series were carefully designed and crafted so that the board would bring maximum joy, momentum and hype from balancing. It is the nature series (EPIC Wings especially) which was the milestone for the EPIC Crew to start shareing the stoke of training while having fun. If we were asked to describe where did the idea for EPIC came from, I guess we would all say: Nature is where it all begun.
EPIC Wood Series

Wood Series

Here at EPIC we do care about our planet and environment All of our boards are Eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. EPIC Wood Series represents the spirit of Epic and the nature of the balance between human and nature.

Retro Series

Some of the EPIC CREW was born in the late 80's some in the 90's so we thought it would be greate if we could give a tribute to those times and that is wher the retro series saw daylight. Boombox, Photo and PC were the icons of that times that stayed in our heads till present days making their ways to our board designs! Enjoy you retro balance way!
Epic Fitness Series

Fitness Series

Fitness Series is dedicated to everyone who love active lifestyle. Epic balance boards is a great opportunity for body workout and to stay in shape. Nowadays every form of activity is at a premium.

Epic rocker

Rocker Series

Rocker Series was desinged for everyone who requires more challanges and wants to do tricks. Epic balance boards are in bow shape to give possibility to do shovit and much more tricks easier. Surfing and snowboarding freaks whom basics balance boards are not enough for will be over the moon.



EPIC Freestyle is the most unique balance board of all Epic Balance Boards. Extra narrow and extra bent. It challenges everyone, even the most experienced in balancing on board. This type of construction gives you infinite possibilities of performing various types of tricks.

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